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  • LaZer Runner Entry Way

    LaZer Runner Arch Entryway

    Known as the most recognizable icon in the laser tag world, the LAZER RUNNER Arch Entryway is the signature piece in our Battle Station package. Like a glowing portal leading taggers into black-light battle, this grand archway commands attention and draws crowds.​

    Laser Tag Vesting Room

    Vesting Room

    First impressions are everything and your arena entrance area is no exception. Vesting & Briefing rooms are the first point of entry into the “Laser Tag Experience” and set the mood for your customers. This is where players first arrive to be suited up and briefed on their impending missions. An impressive staging area can go a long way in generating tremendous excitement for your Laser Tag attraction.


    Whether creating a new concept or transforming your current space, we can provide professional theming solutions to produce a stunning atmosphere for your customers to prepare for battle.

    Laser tag arenas

    Interior Obstacle & Lighting Package

    The LAZER RUNNER Battle Station is as small, or as large as you require. Custom built to meet your requirements. Any size. Any shape. Any location.


    This includes all the obstacles, barriers and comes fully equipped with strobes, sound system, sentry pods, sirens, and a fog machine that ­create an adrenaline-pumping, exciting atmosphere to keep your guests coming back again and again.


    From the floor plan and electrical designs to the installation and training, we have a complete team dedicated to getting your Battle Station up and running fast and easily! We can have a system operating in your venue in DAYS.

    Laser tag Targets

    Interactive Sentry Pods & 

    Home Base Stations

    The Sentry Pod provides players with a unique interactive adventure that keeps the game moving.


    Players must always be on guard for Sentry Pods within the arena. These pods deactivate any player in range unless the player is quick enough to disarm it with his Phaser. Sentry Pods automatically detect and warn players to evacuate the area prior to counting down and deactivating the intruder.


    Our seven foot high Home Base Stations are visually spectacular, interactive, modular and wireless! Strobe lights, sirens, and lighting special effects combine to command players' attention. But watch out! These bases come to life and fight back!

    Laser Tag Custom Theming

    Custom Airbrush

    Theming Services

    Custom UV Airbrushing & Theming can add a creative element to any Laser Tag arena. We can design any theme to match with your existing facility or develop a new concept tied to your vision. From large FEC's to Stand Alone venues and everything in between - big or small we do it all! Our world-class artists create sensational backdrops to give your facility that “Laser Tag swagger”.

    Laser Tag Battle Vest

    Battle Vest

    Visually stunning looks combined with the industry's most advanced technology set the Gen-3 Battle Vest apart from all others on the market.


    The vest features programmable multicolor Fiber Optic Targets that glow brightly during gameplay. These state-of-the-art optics are remarkably accurate and lightweight. As the only supplier to use fiber optic panels as targets, we're able to reduce the exterior circuitry by 80%, making the Gen-3 Battle Vest the most durable piece of equipment available today! As an added advantage, no bulky targets or protruding electronics make for the industry's sleekest vest design.


    We also produce our vests with all types of players in mind with both adult & youth sizes available. Cut and formed differently from the adult model the kids' vests allow for a much better fit for your pint-sized guests.

    Laser tag GEN3 LED Phaser

    Gen3 LED Phaser

    LAZER RUNNER Gen-3 LED Phasers have taken the laser tag world by storm bringing a truly illuminating element to the game.


    Now, not only do our fiber optic Battle Vests glow multiple colors, the Phaser itself radiates intensely like an LED torch in a black-light jungle! The new Gen-3 Phaser is now also the 7th target location on the LAZER RUNNER armor adding a new competitive feature to the game. But while its brilliant glow may steal the show the Phaser’s central features still remain. LAZER RUNNER's true RF communication provides players with “Real-Time” scoring & interactivity and our “Lock-On Targeting” and “Intelligent Laser Data Transmission (i-LDT)” features deliver a superior experience.


    And like all other components with a LAZER RUNNER system these Phasers are built tough, using clear shell poly-carbonate construction for high-impact resistant durability. Built tough. Built durable. Built to last.

    LaZer Runner operating system


    Our CPU Command Center & Game Software was created for the operator's ease-of-use while offering a fully customizable experience for players.


    A simple to use operating system puts the power in your hands and requires minimal staffing. Known best for its lightning quick throughput and ideal user interface layout the LAZER RUNNER CPU and Game Software have proven to be an industry favorite by countless owner/operators. Team & Individual vest color, ammunition, player lives, game duration, player handicapping and custom code names are among the numerous features that can be modified for taggers of every age and skill level.


    Our game software also includes the unique “Continuous Play” feature. Exclusive to LAZER RUNNER, this gameplay option allows players to join games already in progress keeping the laser tag arena consistently full and raising revenues to levels not reached by standard competitor systems. Most importantly, the LRCPU is easy to understand, efficient to ­operate and is completely tamper proof.

    LaZer Runner Software

    Touch Screen Technology

    The “Touch Screen” game software capability is Exclusive to LAZER RUNNER! At the on-screen touch of a button you have the ability to customize every aspect of the game. Just like using a smartphone or tablet, the touch screen feature is simple to use, easy to navigate and allows you to set up and modify games in seconds. Run more players through in less time and watch your bookings and profits grow!

    LaZer Runner Score Tracker

    Score Tracker

    LAZER RUNNER’S Score Tracker System allows players and spectators to view individual player's scores, their status and identifies what players have hit another player for any current game.


    The Score Tracker System can also display Team Scores when in Team Play mode. All this data is supplied in Real Time ~ as it happens! In order to activate your Score Tracker System, all you need is any regular television or monitor. Connect these to your LRCPU unit and it’s ready to go! Typically, monitors are positioned in the lobby area, near each Team Home Base or in the center of the arena.

    Laser Tag Score Card

    LaZer Runner Scorecards Performance Tracker

    When the heat of the action comes to an end, players receive a complete Mission Analysis showing their standing in the field of battle.


    While the LR Score Tracking software displays real-time stats during gameplay, LAZER RUNNER Scorecards reveal players' achievements once the crusade is over. Shots fired, accuracy and final scores are all tracked. See who your toughest rival was and which players you dominated. View and share your results with other competitors and see where you rank amongst the elite. Suit up time & time again and become a LaZer Master!

    LaZer Runner Charging Unit

    Li-Ion Charging Module

    Based on a patented IC Intelligent Battery Charger Chip and a lithium ion battery pack, operators can fully charge their equipment in less than three hours. This charge is good for more than 18 hours of continuous play.

    All charging circuitry is located inside the charging module with colored, diagnostic LED's to indicate the charge status of each vest.

  • How Laser Tag Works

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  • Features & Benefits

    Of Owning a LAZER RUNNER Laser Tag System

  • Benefits of LaZer Runner

    Features & Benefits

    Our company recruited the brain trust of four of the very best, most knowledgeable engineers in the industry to design our system. No expense was spared in research and development.


    With hundreds of thousands of dollars of research and quality control backing you up, you'll have equipment working for you that is as reliable as a laser tag system gets.

    Our equipment is designed to be user- friendly, expandable, durable, reliable, trouble-free and above all - profitable.

    Laser Beam Signal Carrier & RF Transmission

    First, let’s get something straight right now… LAZER RUNNER is NOT an infrared system!

    Old infrared systems use an infrared beam to carry "encoded electronic signals". But, there are problems with infrared beams…

    • They expand as they travel making them inaccurate.
    • They generate "stray signals and interference" because they bounce off walls and ceilings (like a TV remote control).
    • They are prone to "misalignment" causing inaccurate targeting.
    • They require much more vest circuitry that may damage and require maintenance.

    LAZER RUNNER solves every one of these maintenance headaches by combining wireless radio frequency (RF) transmission, advanced fiber-optic sensors and a laser beam signal carrier. LAZER RUNNER has absolutely NO maintenance-prone infrared beams.


    At LAZER RUNNER, we are committed to providing the most durable and reliable laser tag system on the market. That’s why we enhance our durability by enclosing our vest circuit board in a light "steel cage". LaZer Runner can take far more punishment with far less problems. Our vests are built "tough as nails".

    Laser Tag Sensors

    Fiber-Optic Sensors

    The advanced fiber-optic sensors in our Battle Vests are durable, spectacular, functional and visually stunning (they glow brilliantly in the dark – you program the colors). These sensors are mounted flush to the vest eliminating the need for bulky, protruding, high-maintenance receivers that are the norm in the industry.

    Not only that, but the use of these advanced fiber-optic sensors allows us to eliminate 90% of the high maintenance electronic circuitry that is used by other laser tag systems. The elimination of this circuitry and the fact that fiber-optic sensors are "as light as a feather" makes for a light-weight and comfortable vest. Our vests are "tough as nails" and require almost no costly maintenance.

    Laser Tag Technology

    Wireless Radio Frequency Technology

    LAZER RUNNER uses advanced wireless technology to have all our components "talk" to each other. This means easy setup, no maintenance headaches trying to track down faulty wiring and no costly downtime! The LAZER RUNNER wireless Radio Frequency technology is clean and efficient.

    LaZer Runner Electronics

    Protected Circuit Boards

    Traditional old-style infrared laser tag systems use delicate plastic enclosures to protect their circuit boards from being damaged by the demanding laser tag environment and players.

    That's just not good enough!


    At LAZER RUNNER, we are committed to providing the most durable and reliable laser tag system on the market. That’s why we enhance our durability by enclosing our vest circuit board in a light "steel cage". LAZER RUNNER can take far more punishment with far fewer problems. Our vests are built "tough as nails".

    Laser Tag Technology

    Superior Technology

    All LAZER RUNNER electronics are built to IPC (The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) standards. Our trained technicians have many years experience in manufacturing electronics.


    Our unique microprocessors process data faster than any other laser tag system. It all adds up to a modern, wireless more durable and more advanced laser tag system with almost no downtime.

    LaZer Runner ROI

    Lightning Throughput

    Our exclusive game scenarios, elimination of reactivation and download stations, elimination of hard wiring strung throughout the arena, addition to wireless Radio Frequency technology and Real Time Scoring means one thing…

    The fastest throughput in the business! More throughput means more profit! LAZER RUNNER delivers.

    LaZer Runner profits

    Continuous Individual Play

    Of all the games that can be played, this one is THE most profitable. This feature is a MUST! Our operators consistently see their profits increase by up to 38% with this feature!

    New players can join an existing game "already in progress". This feature allows you to maximize your prime time hours and operate efficiently during slow periods. Better yet, a birthday party group can play their own game while your regular customer are already engaged in battle. Our unique scoring system and Radio Frequency technology keeps track of everything for you. All you have to do is hand out the score cards!

    LaZer Runner Revenue Control

    Cash Control System

    At the end of the day, the LAZER RUNNER Central Processing Unit will display the number of games played by all the vests. This system is totally tamper proof and provides a simple and effective way of "double-checking" the number of games played with the revenue collected.

    LaZer Runner Sensors

    Vibrating Hit Sensors

    When a player is deactivated, not only does his vest shut down for a short time, not only do his fiber-optic sensors go dark, not only does the sound chip give him an audible reminder that he is deactivated, but the vibrating hit sensor lets him "feel" the exhilarating action throughout the game. The vibrating hit sensors are built into every Battle Vest.

    LaZer Runner True Laser Beam

    Two Stage Laser Targeting Beam

    This is a very, very cool feature! Pull the trigger on your Phaser half way and you will discover a continuous laser beam emanating from the Phaser. Use it for aiming. The beam stays "lit" in this trigger position. When you’re ready, pull the trigger all the way back to score a hit.

    The LAZER RUNNER Targeting Beam is a feature that the kids really like. It looks spectacular in the arena. Exclusive to LAZER RUNNER.

    LaZer Runner Sounds

    "Lock-on" Warning System

    The LAZER RUNNER Phaser will let you know when someone has you locked in their sights! The sound chip will automatically emit a very distinctive sound to ensure that you know that you had better take evasive action right now! Exclusive to LAZER RUNNER.

    Laser Tag Games

    Handicapping Capabilities

    Sometimes you need a challenging game for your hard-core laser tag players and an easy game for smaller kids or less familiar players. No problem! LAZER RUNNER offers handicapping capabilities to "level the playing field. Make the game easy for little kids and more challenging for the regulars.

    It all happens with at the Touch Screen Monitor in one simple step. Exclusive to LAZER RUNNER.

    LaZer Runner Equipment


    As a consumer, the worry of outdated systems is always a concern. Not with LAZER RUNNER. Our engineers are continually designing compatible products that you can add on to existing LAZER RUNNER RF systems.

    Quick Laser Tag Installation

    Easy Set Up And Installation

    The LAZER RUNNER Battle Station sets up quickly. You’re up and running, making money immediately! Want to change the layout of the inside of your venue - no problem, our systems are completely modular and wireless!

    Laser Tag Operating Costs

    Low Staffing Requirement

    A LAZER RUNNER Battle Station can be staffed by just one or 2 individuals, even at the busiest of times! This allows you to keep overhead down and profits up.

    Laser Tag Arena design

    Flexible Design

    The LAZER RUNNER Battle Station is at home in a variety of venues. Theme parks, FEC’s, bowling centers, roller rinks, and shopping malls, almost any indoor location - all are perfect sites to easily support the LAZER RUNNER Battle Station.


    LAZER RUNNER is a completely self-contained attraction.

    No Laser Tag Franchise Fees

    No Franchise, Royalty

    or Licensing Fees

    LAZER RUNNER is not a franchise and there are no costly royalty or licensing fees. The money you make is yours to keep! You still get all the technical support, marketing materials and on-going ideas that our management team has to offer.

    Laser Tag Warranty

    3 Year Premium Protection Warranty

    Yes, that's right - 3 years. It's a testament to the confidence we have in our electronics. The best available warranty in the laser tag business.

  • Our Laser Tag System Warranty