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Cosmik Fun Center

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LaZer Runner in Moscow

This fall I had the tremendous opportunity to spend some time in Moscow Russia. Taking in the historic sights and bringing LAZER RUNNER'S Gen-3 LED Laser Tag System to the Cosmik Fun Center. To say I was impressed with the venue upon my arrival would be an understatement. Located on the top floor of the European Shopping Mall in Moscow, it sits near the heart of downtown, in the core of the entertainment district.

My first impression of Cosmik was of a very well run facility with something to offer everyone that walks through its doors. Arcade games, amusement rides, redemption games, an ice skating rink, 5 star restaurant, sports bar, and of course laser tag – all under one roof.

"...the most repeated word in my limited Russian vocabulary quickly became "skoro!" – soon!"

LaZer Runner in Moscow

Now naturally, my focus was on the laser tag arena and the different attractions they have throughout the center. But the moment I sat down and started in on my first meal, I instantly contemplated relocating to Moscow all together. The food was incredible, and for someone whose heart is reached through his stomach, it was love at first plate. Suffice to say I spent nearly every lunch and dinner at the Mammina Restaurant for the entirety of my stay. The more I explored different hot spots around the city, the more I found the same constant – Amazing food. Everywhere. But I digress.

The attention and excitement was focused on Cosmik’s Laser Tag Arena, and there was certainly plenty of anticipation for the new LAZER RUNNER gear to make its debut. With a seemingly perpetual stream of eager kids and parents inquiring about the arena’s opening, the most repeated word in my limited Russian vocabulary quickly became "skoro!" – soon! I had no difficulties finding volunteers to take part in the video feature I was shooting for this location. Shy at first, my “movie extras” quickly opened up. There’s just something about laser tag that brings people out of their shell.

After a few raucous games I had more than enough footage, but my newly found group of amateur movie stars didn’t let me off the hook that easily. They pulled me right back into the black light maze and appointed me the main target. I endured a few more rounds before I threw in the towel, my game score in shambles but my pride still intact. It was a humbling moment in my laser tag career.

The time I spent in Moscow was simply phenomenal, soaking up the city’s history and atmosphere and bringing a new exciting attraction to Cosmik. The new Gen-3 LED system was a hit. I covered miles of tourist ground, and made some new friends along the way. Cosmik FEC (Moscow) is a great facility run by terrific people. They have a long road of success ahead of them and LAZER RUNNER is proud to be their laser tag partner down that road. Nazdarovye! (cheers) to my Russian friends and a "bolshoe spasibo" (great big thank you) to all those that helped make this project a huge success!

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