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Destin Laser Tag; a LaZer Runner Customer since 1996

LaZer Runner at Destin Lasertag
LaZer Runner - Destin Laser Tag

Destin Laser Tag joined forces with LaZer Runner in 1996 (yup, they were with us at the Atlanta Summer Olympics). In fact one of their locations is still operating the very same LaZer Runner equipment today – (yup, 18 years later). Then, last year they opened a second site and have since increased their player capacity using our famous Pay-Per-Play financing.

Here’s what they said back in 2001.

“We’re now in our fifth year of business and I must say that your product had a major role not only in getting us to this point but [it] has exceeded all expectations in creating a profitable family entertainment center operation. LaZer Runner has been just what we needed. Thanks for everything.”

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