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Grand Prix Kartways (GPK)

LaZer Runner at GPK - Toronto

When Tony DiCristofaro of Grand Prix Kartways (GPK) opened his doors in 2006 he was simply looking to try something new. Now 10 years later he has transformed his 47,000 square foot Racing Center into a multipurpose facility, offering a Formula 1 style indoor road course, VIP lounge & trackside café, Carrera SlotCar Track, an arcade/kinected interactive zone, and his latest addition – Lazer Zone Ultimate Laser Tag Experience featuring the LaZer Runner Gen-3 LED System.

LaZer Runner Laser Tag - Grand Prix Kartways

"LaZer Runner was very helpful from start to finish answering all my questions and the setup was quick!​"

~ Tony DiCristofaro

LaZer Runner Laser Tag - Grand Prix Kartways

Since its opening, GPK has been one of the most popular sites found in the Downsview Park area. The park has a rich history dating back to WWII and is now home to multiple high profile attractions including practice facilities for both Toronto area professional Football & Soccer Clubs. Although GPK’s following has grown each year, Tony’s ambitions are to bring new customers to his venue, and the new Lazer Zone Laser Tag looks to do exactly that. After striking up conversations with the sales & design team, the Kartways Owner set his sights on the LR Gen-3 LED system. “LaZer Runner was very helpful from start to finish answering all my questions and the setup was quick!” stated the racing aficionado. He cited LaZer Runner’s strong history of success as a major contributing factor to his decision.

LaZer Runner Laser Tag - Grand Prix Kartways

Tony opted for a 20 vest system for GPK. He then went to work customizing the laser tag space to bring a unique experience to the Toronto area. The 4,000 square foot arena features an apocalyptic streetscape theme. While players navigate their way through the ominous streets, they must escape the alien invasion from above. One of the main highlights of the arena is a 7-foot UFO hovering above the chaos with the capability of firing its laser beam on unsuspecting taggers. The Armageddon-like battlefield comes complete with special effects lighting, fog machines, airbrushed wall murals, and multiple obstacles & elevations throughout. This new attraction will no doubt add another level of excitement to the fast-paced thrill park!

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