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Longest Laser Tag Game World Record with LaZer Runner


At 10:00AM on May 21st, 2016 Dave started on his quest for the Guinness World Record for the longest laser tag played. And he did it!

He played just over 25 hours straight to claim the new record using his LaZer Runner equipment.

When Ruckers, in Kamloops BC, opened in 1995 the owner was looking for a business “where everyone was happy all the time, [with] no stress”. Fast forward to 2014 and it still holds true today (I know, I’ve spoken to the staff).

For their customers Ruckers is a fun place to visit because the employees are cheerful, the center is clean and the games are always in working order. When a center understands the importance importance of regular maintenance stress is eliminated for the customer and the staff.

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