LaZer Runner at EnergyPlex

I just got off the phone with the owner of EnergyPlex and this is what’s happened since he took delivery of his LaZer Runner System in June 2013. The parents, who have always paid $3.35 for a coffee and entry, are now paying an additional $5.00 for a 15 minute LaZer Runner game while their kids play.

Wait… it gets better.

LaZer Runner - The Energyplex

The kids also want to play LaZer Runner and that’s another $5.00. The center has now generated an additional $10.00 netting them $5.80 in profit ($4.20 went towards paying off the new LaZer Runner system). Oh, and in just over a year, they have paid off their LaZer Runner Laser Tag System. Now it’s all profit.

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