How Laser Tag Works

It is important to be aware of the many different styles of equipment offered by various laser tag manufacturers, and to understand the differences, both functionally and visually. Laser tag equipment has two basic purposes Transmit Information and Receive Information.

Transmitting and Receiving Information is accomplished electronically by Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared (IR), Laser, Fiber Optics or a combination of two or three of these methods. LAZER RUNNER uses a combination of Radio Frequency, Laser and Fiber Optic Technology in the transmission and receiving of information. This is the most efficient way to accomplish the transmitting and receiving of information.  

Radio Frequency (RF)

LAZER RUNNER Laser Tag Systems has developed a RADIO FREQUENCY system that is like no other. Some RF systems are susceptible to interference causing game delays and poor communication. LAZER RUNNER is the only RF system that allows the equipment to change channels automatically if interference is detected, allowing smooth trouble–free laser tag play with no interruptions.

Infrared (IR)

Infrared systems make up approximately 80 percent of all laser tag equipment, and can range from extremely poor to fair quality. The potential problems with IR technology are numerous.

Laser Transmission

LAZER RUNNER is the only laser tag manufacturer in the world that uses the actual laser beam for transmission of data. This is achieved through a low power (less than one milliwatt) laser diode. The benefit of this system is pinpoint accuracy. What you aim at is what you hit!

Targets (Receivers)

Targets on laser tag equipment can be found mounted on vests, waist belts and phasers. The targets are usually lit by flashing or glowing LED's (Light Emitting Diodes). Once targeted and deactivated, some equipment must be re–energized at a pod or a reactivation station. (This is a huge hassle). "Download" or "reactivation" stations slow down throughput and require maintenance. Only old style infrared systems have download stations. Any laser tag system with download or reactivation stations should be avoided altogether.

Phaser (Laser Housing)

These hand–held units vary from two–handed machine gun styles, to hand-held phasers. Phasers are usually attached by a cord to their vest. These units can provide the player with sound effects, time remaining, player's score and other statistics.

LAZER RUNNER Phasers provide the players with all these features and more.

Breakthrough in Technology

LAZER RUNNER is state–of–the–art equipment. Breakthroughs in technology have allowed us to offer everything that you would expect to find in the most sophisticated laser games but at a fraction of the price. From individual and team scoring to sentry pods and home bases that fire back. From tamperproof accounting to our patented "quick-charge" system. From auto–select modules that run the game, to durable solid state lasers. We provide it all from our factory direct to you!